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Bock Loader for the Yahoo >< eBay Exchange

If you have a store on Yahoo but you'd like to also sell on eBay, the Bock Loader can provide an easy exchange between these two worlds. We can take your product on Yahoo and create a new listing on eBay. We can also flip it the other way, taking a listing on eBay and use the text and images to create a new product page on Yahoo.

We can also help manage your inventory between both places. For example, if you have 1 item available, as soon as the product is sold on Yahoo, we can take down the listing on eBay or if it's sold on eBay first, we can prevent it from being ordered on Yahoo and remove the product page the next time your store is published.

When the orders arrive, you can complete those orders in the system where they originated or we can setup an order management system which will import the orders from both eBay and Yahoo so you can process them both in one, easy-to-use system, rather than needing to bounce between two.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services on the phone, you can schedule an appointment by completing our "contact us" form below.

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