Our Company

Bock LLC is a consulting firm based in Vermont. The company was started in June of 1996 to help clients sell their products and services online. Since that time, the company's mission has remained the same as we have worked with over 350 companies to develop their online stores and/or to increase their sales.

The Bock staff is an experienced group of marketers, designers and engineers with the essential skills for online development.

Brian Bock, Owner

Brian has over 28 years of experience developing electronic commerce applications with hundreds of clients worldwide providing support with their strategic planning, marketing programs, user interface design and software development. Prior to starting Bock Interactive, Brian worked for AT&T, Ziff-Davis, Citibank and J.C. Penney. He is a frequent speaker and holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Outside work, Brian can be found on the mountain trails as an avid Dad and hiker.

Brian Bock