Bock Loader for the Home Shopping Network (HSN)

Bock Loader for the Home Shopping Network (HSN)

Bock LLC provides an easy-to-use, affordable system for shipping orders received from HSN. Our solution has completed the HSN certification process and has helped to successfully ship thousands of orders quickly and easily.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the system on the phone, you can schedule an appointment by completing our "contact us" form. You also have the option to look through our frequently asked questions below or review our pricing.

HSN is a registered trademark of HSN Holding LLC

Pricing: Pricing for Bock HSN: Home Shopping Network System

Our pricing is simple and transparent with a $500 initial setup fee plus a $50 monthly fee and 50 cents for each shipment label created. The shipment label can be for either the initial shipment or a return shipment. We will provide documentation on how to use the system, however if you would like training on the phone or in person, the cost is $100 per hour plus travel expenses from Vermont.

We are also happy to provide customizations to have our system work better for you. In these cases, we will clearly communicate to you a project budget as well as a timeline for when the changes will be completed. You can then decide if you would like the work to proceed or not.