Bock Loader for the UnitedFSI Order & Inventory Integration

UnitedFSI is a registered trademark of United Fulfillment Solutions Inc.

Bock's Online Loader can provide the "glue" connecting UnitedFSI to your world. Bock can take an inventory feed from UnitedFSI's warehouse and use it to update your online store. When an order arrives, Bock can push them into UnitedFSI's so they can be fulfilled. And let's not forget about receiving the tracking numbers and then updating your website or sending them directly out to customers using a customized email or doing both at the same time. We can do it all 24/7, quickly and reliably.

If you have multiple sales channels, Bock can handle as many connections as you need. Maybe you have an eBay store where you're selling products which have been returned to UnitedFSI. We also have clients selling on Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz and many others. We can create a tight connection between those places and UnitedFSI so you're never overselling and all of your products are available to the greatest number of customers possible.

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